742 St. Cloud Proud!

Something Brand New



the Mississippi

This is Alexandra, a college student from Changchun Normal University.  I’m currently co-teaching in a Chinese immersion program at Medison Elementary School. It has been almost two months   since I came to America. It is an unknown challenge as well as a precious opportunity.


There are eight of us live and work together. In the first two weeks, we went to Confucius Institute located at St. Cloud State University(SCSU), Apollo High School, and Medison Elementary School for training. The training content mostly including ways to deal with different students, kids with special needs, cultural difference and so forth. Well, I’ve gratually got to know the difference of education concept between China and America. In the meantime, during training, I got to konw local teachers and mingled with them, that’s one of the things here I’m really excited about.


Fall of America

After two weeks of training, we started to officially go to work. In the first    ten days each of us took turns to work in different grades, from kindergaden to fifth grade. On my first day to work I was nervous, after all, I’ve never got to know American kids. After a long break, kids didn’t adjust themselves to school life, some of them were really difficult to deal with.Luckly,  kids are awesome, day one is a little bit tough but worth it. During the days we took turns, teachers would share their experience with us, from work to life. And I also learned a lot from those kids need special help. They are brilliant and worth the effort.




At a concert

After ten days, things are finally settled. I am in fourth grade, working with Ms ting, an amazing teacher, is something I am really excited about. She has her own ways in class management. Oh, here I would like to share something, which is I teached a class on my own, it was a Chinese class, I teached the kids grammar, the difference and the usage between “dē”,”dì”,”dé”. When I first got the assignment, I was at loss, luckly, I pulled it together, I can’t say it was a success, but it went well, kids were able to listen to teacher’s order, and they did a great job. Sometimes I would help them with math and other subjects. And I can really feel like I am starting to bond with the students.


One time I have group assignment, I told a story called Journey to the West, the kids love the story and listened carefully, they are excited about the main character “Monkey King”, I managed to get the students interested about the story, and I am really happy it worked out.


Sometimes in class I would see kids who wouldn’t even listen and run around, when this happens, I would talk to the student and give them two choices and ask them you can choose to do this or that and then tell them the conciquence. Or I would ask the student to be calm, when they are ready, they will join the class.


That’s something about my work, in life, eight of us get along well, and we met a lot of friendly Americans, people here are really nice, we would smile at each other even if we are strangers. We get to taste American food and feel the culture, the difference between China and America worth exploring. I really want to thank those people really helped us. I appreciated.


I am a 742 St.Cloud Chinese Proud!


p.s I will keep posting my work life. To be continued.





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