A New Mission

    Hi! I’m back! I am about to keep posting my American life. Well a few days later, I got a mission, technically, it cannot be called a mission, because my class teacher Ms. Zheng took 3-day off for Chicago for working, so together with the substitute, Mr Snowburg, we have to take charge of the class for three days!  The kids were all good when Ms.Zheng is in the classroom, but when she’s not around, they were like being set free.



    Day one: while Mr.Snowburg was teaching social study and math, some of the kids didn’t respect the teacher, they were walking around and did their own things, then I would ask the kids to go back to their own spot and listen to the teacher, well, they did what I told them to do for a while, then they just repeated what they just did, I was out of option, and called the office to take some away. While in Chinese class which I taught, things were a little bit better but not that much better. For me, day one was a mess. I was really upset that they would behave like that.




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