Filed Trip to Chicago


    Chicago, the wind city, we are coming! One of the kid’s parents organized this field trip. Eight of the girls went to Chicago. We had really good time there. On day 1, we drove cars for 7 hours to get there. And we had Chicago pizza, which is awesome. Unlike any other pizza, it was thicker. 


    For the next few days, we went to China Town, we visited a museum which tells something about old China. It was wonderful. Then we went different places like Navy Peer, and had Korean food, the Big Bean, the Art Institute of Chicago, we took water taxi, viewed this awesome metropolis, and then Willis Tower. Unlike St.Cloud’s quiteness, Chicago was more loud. Anyway, I just love this city.

    在接下来的的几天里,我们去了中国城,参观了一个讲述旧中国的博物馆。我们去了海军港口,吃了韩食,看了大豆子和芝加哥艺术博物馆,还乘坐水上出租车以及参观了威利斯塔。 芝加哥是一座喧哗大都市,而圣克劳德是一座安静的小城市,我们都很喜欢芝加哥。



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